Tue. Mar 28th, 2023

Yusuf / Cat Stevens has read his 17th album, King of a country. The LP arrives via BMG / Dark Horse Records on June 16th, while first single “Take the World Apart” is out now.

Stevens started working on King of a country way back in 2011, recording with longtime producer Paul Samwell-Smith in bits and pieces at studios in Berlin, Brussels, London, and the South of France. Understandably, the artist calls the finished product a “mosaic.” “Looking at the jagged journey of my music, beginning as I did in the 60’s, I would say this new record is a mosaic,” Stevens said in a statement. “A very clearly defined description of where I’ve been and who I am.”

In addition to streaming, King of a country comes on exclusive white vinyl and a green vinyl package featuring a 36-page booklet of illustrations from cover artist Peter Reynolds. The CD version of the album features Reynolds’ illustrations as well. Pre orders are ongoing.

Lead single “Take the World Apart” is childlike in its melodic optimism. The song begins with a jovial acoustic guitar and a “Do do, do do do do do” vocal line before Stevens sings about his search for a peaceful life. “I’ll take the world apart/ To find a place for a peaceful heart/ I know I’ve got to find it/ Although I’ll break down the walls of China,” the artist sings. Listen to the chipper track below.

Stevens’ last album was 2020’s Tea for the Tillerman 2.

King of a country Artwork:

yusuf cat stevens king of a land artwork

King of a country Tracklist:
01. Train on a Hill
02. King of a Land
03. Pagan Run
04. Hey Is True
05. All Nights, All Days
06. Another Night in the Rain
08. Son of Mary
09. Highness
10. The Boy Who Knew How to Climb Walls
11. How Good It Feels
12. Take the World Apart

By ublvu