Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Robert Smith has announced that fans who purchased tickets for The Cure’s upcoming North American tour will receive a partial refund due to “unduly high” fees initially charged by Ticketmaster.

In a two-part tweet, the frontman shared, “AFTER FURTHER CONVERSATION, TICKETMASTER HAVE AGREED WITH US THAT MANY OF THE FEES BEING CHARGED ARE UNDULY HIGH.” Smith then laid out the specific reimbursement plan, which he called “A GESTURE OF GOODWILL,” that redirects $10-per-ticket to Verified Fan account users who used the “Lowest Price Ticket” option and $5-per-ticket for all other Verified Fan account purchases.

“FOR ALL CURE SHOWS AT ALL VENUES; IF YOU ALREADY BOUGHT A TICKET YOU WILL GET AN AUTOMATIC REFUND,” Smith assured. He also noted that tickets available on Friday, March 17th and forward would be sold with lower fees. in a third closing tweet, he shared, “I WILL KNOW IN A BIT – AND LET YOU KNOW – WHAT SHOWS HAVE TICKETS LEFT FOR SALE TOMORROW.” See his complete statement below.

Smith’s hands-on approach to the issuing of his band’s tickets comes after The Cure unveiled a new strategy to avoid ticket scalping and high service fees, two areas of improvement recently targeted by Ticketmaster as well. For the group, this included making seats non-transferable, while also opting out of Ticketmaster’s “platinum” and “dynamically priced” ticketing offers. Nevertheless, some fans reported excessive ticket fees that nearly doubled the price of a ticket.

The Cure will hit the road in May for their summer North American trek, with seats available via Ticketmaster. By the tour’s launch, there will hopefully be more news regarding the band’s long-awaited next LP, Songs of a Lost World.

By ublvu