Sun. Mar 26th, 2023

Japanese metal core act Crystal Lake parted ways with vocalist Ryo Kinoshita in September 2022. After a rigorous search, Crystal Lake has recruited former The Last Ten Seconds Of Life vocalist John Robert Centorrino as their new full-time vocalist. Crystal Lake other Centorino will make their debut appearance at Knotfest Japan this month.

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“We did it. I am The Light,” said Centorino. “I swear I’ve retyped this like a 100x. The universe truly unfolds as it should. There’s so much I want to say, but my big mouth is at a loss for words. Today is a brand new life. I feel so blessed to be alive, and it’s been a long time since I’ve been able to say that… it’s an amazing feeling.

“Thank YOU for believing in me, for every second of your time, for all your support. Thank you for saving my life. Now it’s time I save yours. I will make you proud. First stop is Knotfest. Let’s change the world. Let’s make history. ありがとうございます.”

Kinoshita‘s final effort with the band is the 2021 single “Curse” which you can check out below. Crystal Lake recently underwent a handful of lineup changes, with touring drummers Gaku Taura and bassist mitsuru permanently joining the band in 2021. Crystal Lake so replaced Shinya Horiwho left in 2020, with guitarist Hisatsugu “TJ” Taji the same year.

On leaving the band Kinoshita had the following to say at the time. “I have decided to leave Crystal Lake. I sincerely apologize to all the fans and everyone involved for whom I have caused a great deal of trouble since the hiatus from September of last year.

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“As previously mentioned in the hiatus announcement last year, I have an illness known as adjustment disorder, and I have decided that it will be extremely difficult for me to continue as a member of the band in the future.

“It was certainly not an easy decision, but I believe I made the best choice by taking the time to reflect on myself. I struggled for 10 years and continued to fight. I didn’t have many allies and I relied only on myself and the voices of the fans.

“I have been suffering from adjustment disorder for about 5 years. Some days I can’t sleep, some days I can only sleep. Sometimes everything becomes pitch black and you can’t move like a corpse. There were many times when I couldn ‘t stop crying before a live show.

“But I’m proud of what Crystal Lake has achieved around the world and what we have achieved with the help of our crew, staff and everyone. Crystal Lake has been the number one live band in the world for the past decade, without a doubt. Thank you very much to all the fans who supported me during the 10 years I was around.”

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