Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

TheHumane is the latest avant-garde alt-metal act to set sail, featuring former members of Exodus, Type O negatives other Life of Agony. Their debut album The Grotesque was announced back in November 2022, and is set for release on May 5. The group has also just released a third single from the album, “Epitaph,” which you can check out just below.

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the band TheHumane features Rick Hunoltformally of Exodus on guitar; Sal Abruscatoformally of Type O negatives other Life of Agony on drums; Garret West on lead vocals; Joshua Vargas on rhythm guitar, bass, piano, programming; other Greg Hilligiest Jr. on keyboards, samples, additional guitar.

Last year, while talking about how the band came together, Hunolt recalled in a statement coinciding with the announcement that, “To be honest, being in a band wasn’t even on my mind at the time a dear friend called me and said, ‘Hey, I know these guys looking for a guitar player. ‘ He sent me some raw tracks, and I listened for about a month before I replied, and it was the music that I was looking for. It gave me the ability to express myself musically and, even more important, was radically different than anything I have ever played. Music needs ‘different’ in order to evolve. [There’s] so much talent in this band, and I can’t wait for you to experience TheHumane.”

abruptly added, “I am looking forward to the release of this very different and unique album I had the pleasure of writing/performing the drum tracks for. It’s different from what I have done in the past and it’s been fantastic to be a part of it with everyone in the band, Ulrich Wild/WURMgroup and The Oracle Management. I feel folks will be blown away.”

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TheHumane has described its music as “Celtic Frost got into a car crash with A Perfect Circle, Nine Inch Nails other Type O negatives while listening to Pink Floyd on the radio. TheHumane is heavily rooted in mood and atmosphere, from the brooding to the cathartic, from the hopeless to hopeful. Love them or hate them, it’s a musical ride that you can only get from them.” A pre-sale for The Grotesque is available here.

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