Sat. Mar 25th, 2023

Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023 is continuing to take shape with the addition of metalocalypse‘s very own Dethklok. Considering there seems to be one final metalocalypse movie in the works to end the show, maybe Dethklok is headed out to drum up some new viewers? Especially considering Dethklok got announced as one of the artists for Aftershock earlier today.

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“The Heavy Metal stars of Adult Swim’s show metalocalypse are coming to Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023!” wrote festival organizers in a statement. “The band last toured 11 years ago, and has only played a small handful of shows since then. You have been asking for this for the last couple of years in increasing volume, and we are thrilled to team with the band to make this a reality.

“During the band’s touring history, they co-headlined a run with mastodondid a headline tour with support from machine head, All That Remainsand The Black Dahlia Murder, and played legendary events like Knotfest and Rockstar Energy Drink Mayhem Festival. All 3 of their albums have received critical acclaim, including their latest Dethalbum IIIwhich went #1 on the Billboard Rock and Hard Rock Charts.”

Blue Ridge Rock Festival 2023 will take place between September 7 and 10, with early tickets available here.

According to metalocalypse creator Brendon Small in an interview with Sarah Parker of 93.3 WMMRhe was “knee deep” in writing the finale of the show back in August of last year.

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“I can tell you… what has already been released, which is that we are making a feature metalocalypse movie, and that’s what we’re in production on right now. So we’re right in the middle of making the movie, so all the questions that were still lingering after The Doomstar Requiem — a one-hour long rock opera special — are being answered… I don’t wanna say too much about it, but it’s a very big project. We’re all excited to be knee deep in it right now.”

When asked for a release date, Small simply replied that it’ll be up to adult swim to decide. “I just know that I’ve still got work to do,” he added.

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